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Tuesday02 March 2021

“Scioto Properties has worked with Manter Consulting for over 9 years. The work they have performed in market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and strategic planning, has been instrumental in assisting our senior management team in setting a successful direction for our growing organization. The work provided by Joan Manter and her team has been professional, affordable, and always on time. I would not hesitate to recommend Manter Consulting as a valuable resource to any organization; they have become a valued member of our team.” 

                                  Mary Bea Eaton, Chief Operating Officer,  Scioto, Columbus, Ohio


Who We Are

Manter Consulting helps you make key strategic decisions based upon sound market and customer information.

We provide custom planning, research, and strategy by assembling our best team to meet your needs. Our team consists of experienced marketing practitioners, marketing strategists, market and data analysts, focus group moderators and other related professionals.

We have consistent standards of quality and accountability:

  • Use sound decision-making principles
  • Analyze key relevant data and information
  • Produce 100% guaranteed on time deliverables
  • Have a positive track record of satisfied clients
  • Adhere to strict confidentiality of all engagement information
  • Are respectful of client knowledge and organizational culture


Why Us

Our clients tell us the following sets us apart from other firms:

  • Employ a market-driven approach, to ensure decision-making is based on marketplace perspectives
  • Completely objective in strategic and tactical recommendations, as the firm holds no vested interest in downstream work
  • Team members bring a broad and diverse set of skills to the table, including classic marketing, strategic consulting and product management skills
  • Uniquely experienced. The firm's professionals have successfully worked across business-to-business and consumer products industries including healthcare, financial services, technology and other categories.
  • Use a collaborative approach that streamlines project timelines, facilitates internal buy-in and results in skills transference
  • Operate more efficiently, resulting in one of the strongest value propositions in the industry

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