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Tuesday02 March 2021


iStock 000015967862XSmallHealthcare is Different from Other Types of Organizations

Manter Consulting provides custom planning and marketing research services that focus on the unique needs of each hospital and healthcare organization.

We acknowledge your perspective, your hospital's culture and processes. We bring to you our knowledge, experience and methodologies to assure quality professional services.

We provide careful assessment and insights using "in-hospital" experience and an understanding of the healthcare industry.

  • Strategic Plans
  • Community Attitude Studies
  • Desining and facilitating planning processes for clinical decisions
  • Market Analyses for Strategic and Facility Master Plans
  • Market Studies for Facility and Process Redesign Projects
  • Service Line Analyses and Plans
  • Customer Service Measurement
  • Employee and Physician Satisfaction

We work to carefully define and confirm market areas and graphically represent data and research results for planning.


"I was charged with driving a major service line initiative at a central Ohio hospital. Joan Manter was retained to coordinate and facilitate the development and preliminary implementation of the strategic plan. Manter Consulting was instrumental in the success of this project. Joan was organized, pleasantly insistent that I meet expected deadlines and insightful in her problem-solving. The project would not have been as successful as it was if it were not for Joan’s guidance and counsel."


                                                                                                                                                                         William Wise, MD, Hospital Medical Director, OhioHealth, Columbus, Ohio


 "Manter Consulting has assisted Mary Rutan Hospital with our customer service programs by developing and conducting patient and employee satisfaction surveys, and providing analysis and results which enabled us to better target our approach and make improvements within our organization. Manter Consulting was instrumental in our ability to make improvements within our organization, by providing the educational programming and insight which we needed to enable our staff to gain a better understanding of customer service delivery and data collection."

                                                                                                                                                     Mandy Goble, President and CEO, Mary Rutan Hospital, Bellefontaine, Ohio



wilmington market

This sample map shows population estimates for the market area for a hospital as part of a market analysis.

Market analyses can include community attitude studies, key informant or executuive interviews with physicians and community leaders, full hospital and service line analyses, patient and employee focus groups.

Information gathered is generally presented at the board, top management and other levels for planning purposes. We design planning processes at each of these levels.

We believe it is all about the relationships we have with our clients. We always provide on-time, accurate and actionable information, analysis, and interpretations to meet your needs.

Manter Consulting has experience with over 50 hospitals and healthcare related organizations in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and Louisiana in the areas of strategic market planning and analysis. This includes many volume-related market and customer studies for general surgery, maternity, occupational health, and emergency services, as well as full hospital studies. Planning includes in-depth analyses of market volume, patient origin, customer behavior and market demographics as well as the processes, facilities, and programs for market growth.

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